Step Protect Plus’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can pads be reused for another project:
A: If there is minimal wear and tear, pads can be reused by reapplying new adhesive, which can be purchased.

Q: Are these pads slippery?
A: White cardboard finish may appear shiny but it has a mat finish and is not slippery.

Q: Are these pads water absorbent?
A: Our pads will absorb minor spills and drips.

Q: Once adhered, will pads stay secure?
A: Yes, pads will be secure for the duration of your product.

Q: I can simply cut up cardboard boxes from my project and tape them down, how is this product a better alternative?
A: One of the main benefits of this product is these pads are made specifically to fit a stair tread and the amount of time that is saved by simply pealing the protective film and adhering each pad to your stair tread is a huge time-saver for you and your crew members and zero re-tapping would be required as is commonly seen when tapping down rosin paper or project carboard.